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The Vila em Progresso Project offers children and young people of Vila Progresso courses and recreational activitiessuch as: English, computer science, entrepreneurship, theater, school reinforcement, capoeira, recreation and various workshops.

Our project is carried out inside the community of Vila Progresso, in Itaquera, in the East Zone of São Paulo. And for this to be possible, we mobilize volunteers, empower community members, and partner with companies.

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Iniciado em 2016, o projeto logo recebeu apoio da ong MAESP. Em 2018 fomos selecionados entre mais de 900 projetos para participar do Programa Educar para Transformar, do Instituto MRV.

Our community space is a physical place that anchors the meetings, the coexistence and the materialization of the ideals of Vila Progresso. The aim is to seek a convergence of values ​​and worldviews, regardless of where each member lives.

For us, the community space should represent a place where the circulation of people, ideas, projects, events and relationships is free, spontaneous and abundant. Therefore, no member has an obligation to be in space, and not all members are necessarily official members of the Community.

In order for the sense of belonging to happen, we invest in some collective activities, such as courses and events. All activities are free and open to anyone. Among them are computer science, English, entrepreneurship and culinary classes.

Regardless of the activity, the most important are the conversations and interactions that take place in the courses, in the meetings and in the chats that unfold in the daily life of the Community, making the physical place a community space for educational coexistence.

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We are inside the community of Vila Progresso, in Itaquera, in the East Zone of São Paulo.

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